Are you one of those video and photography obsessed travelers hoping to capture stunning images and clips as you travel?

If you are, you’re in the right place, because Snap and Edit is a travel blog that focuses on video and photography advice for travelers.


What Can We Do For You?

We believe photography and video are the best way to capture your memories – and unlike that llama hat you brought in Peru on a whim, you’ll likely still have them well into old age.

That’s why we share our travel photography guides, tutorials and inspiration to help you improve the quality of your travel memories.


Long gone are the days where you return home from a trip with memories alone, unable to explain to your friends everything you saw. With the rise of consumer cameras, many of you now return home with their memory cards full.

On Snap and Edit we aim to help you improve your travel memories through upgrading your photography and video skills to better capture what you saw. They say a picture speaks 1000 words, and if that’s true, than a great picture can say so much more. Beyond that, imagine what a short video could say?


Cameras can’t quite recreate what we see with our own eyes, but you can get close through learning certain techniques and editing hacks. Our aim is to help you take your travel photography and video to the next level, which in turn better preserves your memories and inspires your friends to get out and travel as well.

On our website we not only give specific travel photography and video tips, but also travel photography-minded attraction guides for travelers who prioritize photography over other leisure pursuits while traveling.  Alongside helpful tips on how to get to there and where to stay.


Head to our Destinations and Categories page to start reading about photography and video tips, destination guides and funding your travels. You can also check out our We Recommend page to see what we pack, where we book and our suggestions for travel insurance (a must) and guidebooks.


Our Aim

  • To showcase the most snap-worthy destinations around the world through our photographs and videos. We aim to capture that slightly overwhelming feeling you have when you see something amazing for the first time, that wonder and euphoria of being in the moment.


  • To help you improve your travel photography through our destination photography guides, photography tutorials and showing you how we got specific shots.


  • Break you out of the armchair: You’re not 90, come on, even my great grandmother travels (and she may be 90). Don’t just watch from the safety of your computer screen, leap from your chair and explore – nothing can compare to the real thing. Gather your inspiration and tips from Snap and Edit, take two weeks off work and tell your cat you’ll be back soon (you should probably arrange to feed it somehow too).

The Editor

Lexi is a twenty something Australian girl who has spent many a time snapping away on her holidays, both of the scenery and “stylized selfies”.

You can find out more about what she’s doing on Youtube, where she records travel vlogs and advice, and other social medias below!


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